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Wanted: Chief of Staff

UPDATE: This role has been filled for now. Thanks to all who applied!

I’m hiring a Chief of Staff for The Roots of Progress, a “right hand” who will be deeply involved in and support everything I do.

This role needs no formal training or specific prior experience. It requires attention to detail, crisp communication, swift and efficient execution, meticulous followup, interpersonal savvy, and positive energy.

You will be the only other full-time employee of The Roots of Progress (for now), and my goal is to delegate anything and everything that doesn’t absolutely need me to do it, so that I can focus as much as possible on research, writing, and speaking. Your responsibilities will thus span the range from mailing donor swag and scheduling my podcast appearances to devising communications and media strategy—the more you demonstrate you can take on, the more responsibility I will give you.

Candidates at all levels of seniority are invited to apply—there’s room for this role to be either junior (associate level) or quite senior (director or VP level).

The role will grow and evolve along with the organization, but to start your focus will be:

The ideal candidate will be familiar with my work and with the progress community, and will be able to point to something significant they have planned, organized, or executed.

This is a full-time role. You can do it from anywhere, but preference will be given to candidates closer to the US Pacific time zone. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can meet in person periodically. Compensation will vary depending on your seniority, qualifications, and location, but will be competitive with market rates.

To apply, send me a resume (link to an online one is fine): Optional but helpful: a pointer to projects you’ve managed or completed; a writing sample.

This is a rare chance to help me create the progress movement and establish a new philosophy of progress for the twenty-first century. I look forward to working with you!

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