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Video: Foresight Institute meetup

I spoke at a meetup hosted by the Foresight Institute and Allison Duettmann in San Francisco recently, here’s the video recording. My topic was why we need a new philosophy of progress; this was the event description:

Why We Need a New Philosophy of Progress

The paradox of our age is that we enjoy the highest living standards that have ever existed, thanks to modern technology and industrial civilization—and yet each new technology and industrial advance is met with skepticism, distrust, and fear. In the 1960s, people looked forward to a “Jetsons” future of flying cars, robots, and nuclear power; today they at best hope to stave off disasters such as pandemics and climate change. What happened to the idea of progress? How do we regain our sense of agency? And how do we move forward, in the 21st century and beyond?

Join for an open discussion with Jason Crawford. Jason will share a few introductory thoughts, followed by a brief interview with Allison Duettmann, and audience Q&A. Then we break for discussion groups according to shared interest areas.

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