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Foresight Vision Weekend 2022

The Foresight Institute’s annual conference, Vision Weekend, is coming up:

Our Vision Weekends are the annual member festivals of Foresight Institute. Held in two countries, over two weekends, top talent across biotechnology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, computing, and space are encouraged to burst their tech silos, and plan for flourishing long-term futures….

Come for the ideas: make friends across disciplines, generations, and continents who are similarly on the path to creating positive futures. Join panels, focus groups, mentorship hours, tech demos, sign-ups, and more. Stay for the festivities: breakfast boogies, mentorship hours, goal-setting jams, art vernissages, rocket company tours, and plenty of time for calm reflection; alone, or in groups.

There are actually two weekends: France in November and San Francisco in December. I’ll be speaking in SF on December 3, along with J. Storrs Hall, Bret Victor, Steve Jurvetson, Eli Dourado, Bret Kugelmass, Ben Reinhardt, and many others. Buy a ticket, or if you can’t afford one, apply for a subsidy.

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