The Roots of Progress

Sunday: Live interview with Shrikant Rangnekar of 52 Living Ideas

On Sunday I’ll be doing a live interview for the 52 Living Ideas discussion group with Shrikant Rangnekar. Some questions Shrikant has lined up:

  1. What is progress? What is the nature of progress?
  2. What is progress in biological evolution? What is similarity and differences between biological progress and human progress?
  3. What is economic progress?
  4. What is the nature of intellectual or cultural progress?
  5. What in a social system makes progress possible or probable?
  6. What mindset do people need in order to spearhead progress?
  7. What factors operate against progress?
  8. What is the historic trajectory of human progress over the entire span of history?
  9. Is progress risky? Does it increase or decrease our safety?
  10. Just like there is a narrow concept of selfishness which is win-lose and a larger concept of enlightened selfishness which is win-win, are there analogous narrow & wide concepts of progress?

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