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Wanted: Executive Assistant to help build the progress movement

I’m hiring an Executive Assistant to be part of the founding team at The Roots of Progress, and to work closely with me on all of our projects to build the progress movement.

This role is perfect for someone who wants to combine dedication to an ambitious, high-impact, long-term mission with a day-to-day focus on operations, organization, and getting things done.

You should have strong attention to detail, crisp communication, swift and efficient execution, and meticulous followup. You’ll apply your intelligence to a broad range of tasks and projects, learning as you go where needed. Prior experience is helpful but not required, and candidates of any background are encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate will be familiar with my work and will be excited about strengthening the progress community.

You’ll act as a force multiplier on my time, allowing me to delegate everything that doesn’t need me to do it so that I can focus as much as possible on research, writing, and speaking. Your responsibilities will thus span a broad range—for example, helping with:

With excellent performance, there is potential for growth into other operational roles as well.

This is a full-time role. You can do it from anywhere, but preference will be given to candidates closer to US time zones. Compensation will vary depending on your seniority, qualifications, and location, but will be competitive with market rates. To apply, send me a resume (link to an online one is fine):

This is a chance to help establish a new philosophy of progress for the twenty-first century. I look forward to working with you!

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