The Roots of Progress

Two interviews: Neoliberal Podcast, Mr. Bright Side

A few more podcast interviews:

Jeremiah Johnson interviewed me for the Neoliberal Podcast. In addition to the usual topics we got a bit into my evolving views on the major drivers of progress and where we might be falling short today. Play above, or find it on Apple Podcasts.

Matthew Boulton interviewed me for his podcast Mr. Bright Side:

“Never has there been a better time to be alive in human history.” So claims the opening line of this podcast.

Guest Jason Crawford delivers an overwhelming case to back it up–which is his business. As a writer on the history of technology and industry, his expertise and encyclopedic ability to highlight example after example of real-world progress in the past centuries, decades, and years will stun you. As a thinker and writer on the philosophy of human progress, he helps reinforce Matthew’s desperate calls to look, see, and appreciate how good we’ve all got it.

You may also learn about Jason’s promising new Progress Studies for Young Scholars program, the importance of funding in the realization of progress, and of evaluating various funding models to ensure optimal allocation of resources. On this last, hear Jason defend his bold claim that: “Anything that can be for-profit ought to be.”

See the show page or for audio, the Apple Podcast page.

Some bite-sized excerpts:

Progress Studies for Young Scholars overview

Discussing funding models

Progress defined

Safety as an area of technology

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