The Roots of Progress

Tickets available for Session 8 of The Story of Industrial Civilization: Impacts on Commerce, Politics, and Culture

Tickets are now available for session 8 of my salon series with Interintellect, “The Story of Industrial Civilization”. Sunday, December 19, 10am Pacific.

Topic: Impacts on Commerce, Politics, and Culture

Transportation and information technologies combined to unite the world in a network of commerce and socialization. How did this transform both industry and personal life? In this salon, we’ll explore the second- and third-order effects of these technologies. How did containerization in the shipping industry help create a global market for materials and products? How did retail evolve from the medieval festival, to the rural general store, to the urban department store and supermarket? How did the railroads and the Internet each give rise to massive new mail-order businesses? How did the ability to travel encourage greater cultural exchange and understanding? And how has all of this changed the way we find and form relationships—romantic, business, or community? We’ll discuss these topics and see how the world went from isolation to globalization.

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