The Roots of Progress

“The growing gap between our power and our wisdom”

“In his response, Dr. Davis leveled a grave accusation against me: he called me an optimist.”

So begins my concluding entry in my dialogue on progress with Dr. John K. Davis, written for Pairagraph.

Previously, Dr. Davis had expressed concern about “the growing gap between our power and our wisdom.” I agreed, but said that we should not blame our technology, for giving us power; but rather our philosophy, for failing to give us equivalent wisdom. Unfortunately, although he is a professional philosopher, Dr. Davis offered no solutions to improving our wisdom, expressing a defeatist attitude on the topic. I concluded:

I am not an optimist, but even more adamantly, I am not a defeatist. When Dr. Davis sees nothing but problems and offers no solutions, I hear defeatism. For my part, no matter how great the challenges, no matter how hard the effort, no matter how slim the chance of success, I will work for solutions.

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