The Roots of Progress

Event, Feb 29: “Towards a New Philosophy of Progress” in Boston and on Zoom

On Thursday, February 29, I’ll be giving my talk “Towards a New Philosophy of Progress” to the New England Legal Foundation, for their Economic Liberty Speaker Series. The talk will be held over breakfast at NELF’s offices in Boston, and will also be livestreamed over Zoom. See details and register here. Update: online registration is closed, please email to register.

This is a talk I have given before in other venues. The description:

Enlightenment thinkers were tremendously optimistic about the potential for human progress: not only in science and technology, but also in morality and society. This belief lasted through the 19th century—but in the 20th century, after the World Wars, it gave way to fear, skepticism, and distrust.

Now, in the 21st century, we need a new way forward: a new philosophy of progress. What events and ideas challenged the concept of progress? How can we restore it on a sound foundation? And how can we establish a bold, ambitious vision for the future?

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