The Roots of Progress

Interview: What Could Go Right? with Zachary Karabell and Emma Varvaloucas

I was interviewed on The Progress Network’s podcast, What Could Go Right? An excerpt:

I think there’s a broader story to tell there too, about the universalization of rights, giving rights to all race and sexes; more broadly the cosmopolitan attitude of seeing ourselves as part of one human race, rather than split into tribes and nations where we think very locally and parochially.

So I think there’s definitely a great story to be told here. That kind of moral and social progress, I see as one of three major strands of progress. If you want to understand the overall story of human progress in the broadest sense, you need to look at, one, material progress in technology, industry and wealth; two, progress in science, knowledge and education; and three, that kind of moral, social and governmental progress. And I think the three of them together are the major strands in the story. And they’re intertwined and interdependent.

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