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Announcing our incoming CEO

Please welcome Heike Larson

A few months ago we announced a major expansion of our activities, from supporting just my work to supporting a broader network of progress writers. Along with that, we launched a search for a CEO to lead the new organization we are building for this program. I’m very happy to announce that we have found a CEO: Heike Larson.

Heike and I have known each other personally for many years, and during that time I’ve always been impressed by her energy and her clear, structured thinking. She has been following my work for a long time, and shares my passion for human progress. She also has excellent qualifications, including 15 years of VP-level experience in sales, marketing, and strategy roles in a variety of industries, from education to aircraft manufacturing. In her most recent role at edtech startup Mystery Science, she led the content team that created five-minute “Mystery Doug” videos made to inspire elementary-age kids to become the next generation of problem solvers (with topics including phones, traffic lights, plastic, and bicycles). Those who have worked with her remark on her enormous drive and her extreme skills in process and organization. I’m excited for her to start!

Heike is transitioning out of her current role at Mystery Science and will start full-time in January. Her first priority will be launching the “career accelerator” fellowship program for progress writers described in our previous announcement, and the teambuilding and fundraising necessary to make that a success. She will take on all management and program responsibilities; I will remain President and intellectual leader of the organization: I’ll be the spokesman, will contribute to talent selection and development, and will devote the majority of my time to research, writing, and speaking—in particular, writing my book on progress.

This is a new era for us, the start of a serious effort to create a thriving progress movement. Please help me welcome Heike to The Roots of Progress!

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