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Future Forum, a conference to improve the future of humanity

The Future Forum is a new conference happening in San Francisco, August 4–7:

The Future Forum is an experimental 4-day conference in San Francisco, USA. 250 bright individuals will gather in a welcoming South San Francisco mansion, mingle with many of the voices thinking and working on improving the future of humanity, and we will co-create one-on-one conversations, fireside chats, workshops, and more….

Future Forum will serve as a bridge to inspire and connect attendees from a mix of communities, including Emergent Ventures, Progress Studies, Effective Altruism, Silicon Valley tech, Crypto, and Longevity, among others.

I’ll be speaking there, along with Patrick Collison, Sam Altman, Ed Boyden, Holden Karnofsky (Open Philanthropy), Allison Duettmann (Foresight Institute), Tamara Winter (Stripe Press), Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute), Grant Sanderson (3blue1brown), and others.

They’re now accepting applications:

We are excited about participants in any career stage, from college students to established professionals.

Even if you feel you would not be a good fit or you feel you are not the Future Forum’s typical participant, we strongly encourage you to apply. We are considering applicants from across the globe and across diverse age groups, from ambitious 15-year-old high-schoolers to 45-year-old mid-career professionals. Also, if you have not interacted with any of the involved communities much, we encourage you to apply.

After we accept your application, we have a need-based pot to provide funding to cover travel costs – we will make sure you can be at the Forum.

More info on the event site.

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