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Foresight Vision Weekend conference

The Foresight Institute is holding a conference in December, with talks on longevity technology, nanotech, AI, space, and more. I’ll be at the San Francisco events! You can get discounted tickets with the code below. Full announcement:

Foresight Institute, a San Francisco-based non-profit institute to advance beneficial applications of biotech, nanotech, and computing, is having their annual member gathering in December and we’re excited for our communities to meet.

Starting at the Internet Archive, a rocket company, and ship in San Francisco on Dec 4 & 5, culminating at a laboratory for the future disguised as a stunning castle outside of Paris on Dec 11 & 12.

40+ presenters are confirmed across biotech, nanotech, neurotech, computing, and space, including Jose Luis Ricon (Rejuvenone), Sonia Arrison (100 Plus), Adam Marblestone (FRO), Greg Fahy (Intervene Immune), Dina Radenkovic (SALT), Peter Norvig (Google), Jaan Tallinn (Skype), Anders Sandberg (Future of Humanity Institute), and many more.

Find the full program and tickets on the Vision Weekend website. As a community partner, the “foresightfriends” code gives you 25% off (US, Europe) or you can apply via the website for a subsidized daytime ticket.

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