The Roots of Progress

Event: Progress Studies in K-12 Education with Ray Girn, Lisa VanDamme and Kyle Steele

Saturday, June 25, 12 noon Pacific time. Register here

Too many people today take human progress for granted. Does this represent a failure of our educational system? If so, how, and how can we fix it?

Should progress be taught in schools, and if so, where does it fit into the curriculum? Is there a missing subject in between science and history classes? Or do the fundamentals of a good education themselves provide the foundation to understand and appreciate human progress?

And where do we see, or see opportunity for, progress in the task of education itself?

In this panel discussion, I’ll be discussing these questions with Ray Girn, co-founder & CEO of Higher Ground Education, and Lisa VanDamme and Kyle Steele of the VanDamme Academy. Part of my “Doing Better” series hosted by the Interintellect.

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