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Bryan Bishop AMA on the Progress Forum

From the Progress Forum:

I’m Bryan Bishop, a biohacker and programmer working on fintech, banking, crypto and biotech. I am best known as a contributor to the open-source Bitcoin project, but have also worked on projects in molecular biology and genetic engineering, such as the commercialization of human embryo genetic engineering. Before this, I co-founded Custodia Bank (previously Avanti Bank & Trust) where from 2020-2022 I worked as CTO. From 2014-2018, I was a Senior Software Engineer at LedgerX, the first federally-regulated bitcoin options exchange, where I currently sit on the Board of Directors.

Bryan’s work was featured recently in the MIT Technology Review: “The DIY designer baby project funded with Bitcoin.”

Get your questions in now, and upvote the ones you want to see answered. He’ll answer tomorrow (Wednesday, Apr 12).

Recent AMAs on the Progress Forum have featured Mark Khurana, author of The Trajectory of Discovery: What Determines the Rate and Direction of Medical Progress?, and Allison Duettmann, president and CEO of Foresight Institute.

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