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Blog-building intensive update

Advice for applicants, request for support

We’ve gotten over 250 applications to our Blog-Building Intensive! And the quality level is surprisingly high. I’m glad to see so many talented writers interested in progress.

If you want to apply

Do it now! Applications are open until August 11, but don’t wait. We’re reviewing everything on a rolling basis, and by the end there will only be one or two slots left.

If you want to support this program

We’ve gotten so many great applications that we want to expand it from a max of 15 up to potentially 20 participants.

To do this, we’re raising an additional $30,000. The funds cover writing instruction during the eight-week program, a three-day in-person closing event, and post-program support.

The applicants range from college students to industry experts to academics. Many of them are experienced writers, some from relevant think tanks, and some who have already been published in mainstream media. They’re writing on a wide range of topics, from specific cause areas like housing, energy, space exploration, robotics, and AI; to metascience and the philosophy of progress. I’m excited to see what they’ll produce next, how we can help them, and how they will help each other.

If you’re excited too, then donate today to help us expand this program. We’re a 501(c)(3), and we take donations via PayPal, Patreon, check, wire, or DAF. Donation links, address, EIN, and other details here.

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